Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Appeal

All John Grisham books are recommended by Orson Scott Card, so this one qualifies!

The plot begins with a jury decision against a chemical company accused of contaminating a town's water supply, which caused cancer throughout its inhabitants. Knowing that the decision will be appealed to the Mississippi Supreme Court, the politics of filling a possible seat vacancy are in full force.

John Grisham's books are always a pleasurable read for me. As it goes, some are better than others for various reasons and this one was no different. The Appeal has an abundance of political influence in the plot, making it less appealing (no pun intended) to me, yet I found it to have great educational value. Other than that, it took me half the book to truly be interested, then to have my hopes dashed with the ending. Unfortunately, the conclusion may be reality. HOWEVER . . . I thought this was a work of fiction.

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